The Second Year Connection

During your first year at the College of Charleston, the First Year Experience program and your advisor helped connect the dots for you; this year you need to seek connections on your own. To achieve connections ask questions, get to know your professors, get involved and use campus resources.  The second year of college can be challenging but if you stay involved and reach out for help it can be a great experience. 

10 Ways to Stay Connected During Your Second Year

1. Attend Campus Events.

2. Talk to your Professors and Academic Advisor to Build Relationships.

3. Declare Your Major.

4. Get Involved with a Campus Organization.

5. Take Care of Your Health.

6. Seek Help with Coursework.

7. Explore Career Resources and Internships.

8. Investigate Studying Abroad.

9. Consider Undergraduate Research.

10. Manage Your Money.


1.    Attend Campus Events

2.    Talk to Your Professors and Academic Advisor to Build Relationships.

3.    Declare Your Major

4.    Get Involved with a Campus Organization

5.    Take Care of Your Health

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Keep your body healthy by eating nutritious meals, getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, and exercising at least three times per week.

Keep your mind healthy by learning techniques to handle stress and be alert to whether or not your schedule is too demanding or too easy.

  • If you feel overwhelmed or just want to talk to someone.
    • Students 4 Support (S4S) (trained students) are available.  Text a S4S member  "4support" to 839863 from 12 to 9 pm Monday through Thursday.  Schedule is subject to change.
    • Appointments are also available with professional counselors. Contact the Counseling Center for an appointment. Phone:  843-953-5640; Location: Room 319, Robert Scott Smalls Building. 
  • Mastering stress
  • Self-help resources

6.    Seek Help with Coursework

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Classes may be more challenging during your second year;  ask for help when you need it.

  • Talk to your professors –take advantage of professor’s office hours. 
  • Utilize the services of the Center for Student Learning (CSL).   CSL tutoring labs can provide assistance in all sorts of course subjects:  math, science, writing, foreign language, and even a speaking lab. Presentations are a part of many classes and being able to speak comfortably in front of an audience whether in a classroom or at an interview is a great skill to develop.   Phone:  843-953-5635; location:  Addlestone Library Room 116.
  • Create a study group with a few of your classmates and find a good place to study.

7.    Explore Career Resources and Internships 

8.    Investigate Studying Abroad

Explore an international experience to enhance your education.  The Center for International Education (CIE) has information on full year, semester-length and summer programs of study in countries around the world.

9.       Consider Undergraduate Research

Participating in a meaningful undergraduate research project can be an incredible experience during college.  Collaborative research is a great way to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor.

10.        Manage Your Money

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