Departure Information

All iCharleston students depart on a group flight with a College of Charleston staff member at a pre-determined date. Families will be responsible for checking their student in at the airport. Students will meet their flight leader at the departure gate. Students will be provided contact information for their flight leader prior to departure. Departing flights are from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City and Newark International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, depending on site location.

Group flights are organized in advance; iCharleston students are required to fly together on specified dates to their locations. These dates are set by our partner institutions and must be adhered to.

Departure Dates and Times

London:  American Airlines flight #106: August 23 @ 7.10 pm from JFK International Airport

Rome:  United Airlines flight #40: August 31 @ 5.25 pm from Newark International Airport

Dublin:  Aer Lingus flight #106: September 6 @ 9.05 pm from JFK International Airport

Packing Guide iCharleston (pdf, 44 kb)

Things to Do Before Departure (pdf)