Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to file for a visa?

iCharleston students will enter the country under a Short-Term Study visa. They will submit their application when they arrive at the port of entry. The host university will provide guidance and support to ensure proper documentation.

Are there co-curricular programs made available for iCharleston students?

iCharleston Site Directors plan a variety of programs throughout the semester specifically for participants in the iCharleston program. Past programs have included sporting events, theatre productions, day trips, and weekend travels. Costs of these programs are provided by the iCharleston Program.

Will iCharleston participants have access to a meal plan?

UBCO Kelowna is the only location that offers a meal plan for iCharleston students, which is included in the program fees. Students in Dublin, Rome, and London will be able to prepare their own food in their residence hall kitchens, and there are an abundance of restaurants in the area.

Will I be able to travel during the semester?

Students are responsible for attending classes Monday-Friday, and there will be some additional programming on select weekends. However, travel is permitted so long as class absences do not occur. Additionally, all sites observe a Fall Break when classes are not in session.

How will my credits transfer to College of Charleston?

You will receive full credit for all completed courses with a grade of C or higher, but the specific grades from the iCharleston program do not transfer into the College of Charleston in the spring.

If I don't participate in iCharleston can I attend College of Charleston in the fall?

Offers to participate in iCharleston require that you study abroad during the fall semester in one of the four locations we've offered. Upon successful completion of the program, acceptance to the College is guaranteed for the following spring semester.

What if I struggle academically in my courses abroad? Can my Admission for the spring semester be rescinded?

While each iCharleston offer comes with an acceptance for spring admission to the College, the Office of Admissions does hold the right to rescind your offer for academic reasons, and all transcripts will be reviewed prior to your arrival.

What kinds of financial aid or scholarships are available for this program?

 There is no financial aid or scholarships available at any of the iCharleston locations. Full payment of fees are due directly to our partners and CofC does not determine payment deadlines.

Can I pick which iCharleston Location I want to attend?

Locations are assigned based on a first-response, first-served basis. However, age restrictions, student cohort allowances and secondary admissions processes can alter your top choice.

Will I attend classes with iCharleston students exclusively, or are they integrated within the host college?

London is a "closed" program meaning all classes are specific to iCharleston students. Dublin, Rome and Kelowna cohort classes are integrated into the partner institution.

Is my flight included in the program fees?

Flight costs are not included in program fees. A group flight will be arranged and families will be provided instructions as to how to secure their reservation.  It is required to fly on the iCharleston group flight from Pre-Departure Orientation events in August.