Academic Experience Assessment

Each unit within Academic Experience follows an annual cycle of assessment planning and reporting. These areas include

  • Academic Advising and Planning Center
  • Center for Academic Performance and Persistence
  • Center for Excellence in Peer Education
  • Center for Student Learning
  • First-Year Experience
  • New Student Programs
  • Veteran and Military Services

Academic Experience (AEX) units use annual assessment planning and reporting for continuous examination and improvement to programs and services based on a clearly articulated assessment plan. The result of annual assessment efforts document the achievement of stated goals, demonstrates accountability, provides evidence of improvement, and describes resulting changes in programs and services. The review of operational and learning outcomes provides evidence of program contributions toward student learning and development. Assessment efforts include conducting assessments of student and parent needs, program evaluations, behavioral observations, satisfaction surveys, focus groups, and consultations with colleagues and on-campus partners. This process provides support for decision making, strategic planning, and external accountability. Annual assessment plans are created in the fall and results are reported in June. After an analysis of the assessment plan results and reporting on these results, directors will establish an assessment plan for the upcoming year and address any necessary improvements or modifications that will be needed. The assessment process facilitates evidence-based decision making that will lead to improvement over time.

AEX Assessment Committee

An Academic Experience (AEX) Assessment Committee made of various AEX staff members use a rubric provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning to evaluate departmental assessment plans and reports.  Assessment plans are reviewed by the AEX Assessment committee in November using a rubric and a variation of the rubric is used by the committee to review assessment reports in July. The rubric and committee feedback is shared with departmental directors and if needed, changes are suggested to ensure that departments are effectively using their assessment to facilitate continuous improvement. All plans, reports, and the completed rubrics are available in ComplianceAssist. The AEX assessment coordinator schedules plan and report reviews during the academic year and ensures that plans and reports are submitted by the institutional deadline. The coordinator also serves as the AEX representative on the Office for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning Administrative Assessment Committee.

Additional Assessment Resources