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iCharleston Family Orientation

Please plan on attending iCharleston Family Orientation June 29 & 30 on the beautiful College of Charleston campus. Here you will have the opportunity to meet other students and parents who have selected to participate in iCharleston. Site partners will be giving presentations on their campuses and what the fall 2017 experience will entail.

iCharleston staff will complete various sessions to get both students and parents ready for pre-departure which is held in late August for all three locations. iCharleston Family Orientation is designed to help students meet each other, learn about iCharleston and its structure within the College of Charleston, and to meet partner institution colleagues that will be part of the fall 2017 experience.

All iCharleston students attend and participate in on-site orientation created and implemented by our partner colleagues at our three locations. This provides students with academic and personal resources necessary for a successful semester abroad.

Lastly, upon matriculating onto the College of Charleston campus for spring 2018 semester students will complete New Student Orientation where they will attend convocation, sign the historic graduation books, and complete their class schedule and registration.

2017 iCharleston Orientation Presentations

Academic Advising for iCharleston (pdf)

FIE Dublin iCharleston 2017 (pdf)

FIE London iCharleston 2017 (pdf)

How to be a Successful iCharleston Student (pdf)

How to be a Successful iCharleston Parent (pdf)

Impact Program for iCharleston Parents (pdf)

Impact Program for iCharleston Students (pdf)

UBCO Kelowna iCharleston 2017 (pdf)